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Ransomerian Ad from old penman journal

The Curv-E Story

A New Twist, or Rather Curve, on an Old Idea

While researching for my upcoming book about Flourishing, I completely relearned Engrosser’s Script from the old journals and calligraphy master lessons. In doing so, I came across this interesting blurb by Charlton V. Howe:

Personally, I do not think the average oblique holder is well adapted to script writing unless the top side is flattened so the forefinger can rest upon both the holder and the tin at the same time, thus overcoming the tendency to grip or turn. The triangular oblique holder is well adapted to engrossing script.

I have learned through experience that the nearer the point of the pen is grasped, the better control of the pen is the result. In writing Engraver’s script, I place my forefinger on the pen below the side piece of the oblique holder about half an inch from the point of the pen, which results in perfect control of my pen.

I was intrigued and researched some more. The only reference to a triangular holder I could find was for the Ransomerian Pen, advertised in many of the old journals. I contacted Edward Curran of ChicOblique Pens, one of my favorite pen makers and told him I wanted a curvilateral pen – a somewhat triangular shape but with rounded edges for better comfort, a flat top, and a shallow bottom. I sent him some sketches and photographs of a model I made out of paper clay. After a few trials, Edward created a beautiful pen perfect for Engrosser’s script and especially flourished Copperplate.

I came up with the name, the Curv-E Holder – representing its curvilateral shape and E for Erica and Edward.  ;D

This style of pen quickly became the only pen shape I use. It has been several years now and I will never go back to a round holder. Unfortunately, Edward is taking a break from pen making. So, my husband Adam who has always enjoyed wood working, decided he would have a go at pen turning.

End of CurveE pen

Slightly different from the original Curv-E, we worked together to create a beautiful curvaceous pen holder with a flat top and smooth, curved side which rests ever so gently against the middle finger.

It allows a natural, comfortable tripod grip which helps the calligrapher execute both muscular and whole arm movement – both of which facilitate better flourishing. You can glide your hand, resting on either the side of the little finger or the finger nail, whichever feels more comfortable. This pen works even if you don’t use a traditional tripod hold. I think you will love it as much as I do!

Our Curv-E Pen Holders

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Gloaming Dreams Shorty Curv-E Holder

22 | Gloaming Dreams Shorty | $135 USD

“Gloaming Dreams” Shorty captures the essence of the Gloaming Hour, the serene transition between dusk and nightfall. The foot features a custom Alumilite resin swirling with hues of blues, yellows, oranges, purples, and amber, reminiscent of the dusk evening sky. The body gracefully transitions with segments of rose gold and white, leading to a tail of curly maple dyed in soothing shades of blue and violet. The rose gold brass flange adds a touch of elegance hinting at the fading sun.


Wood: Curly Maple | Flange: Rose Gold | Length: 12.1 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 20 grams

Jellybean Curv-E Holder

32 | Jellybean| $150 USD

Indulge in the whimsy of the “Jellybean” oblique holder, a delightful confection of swirling hues and playful tones. Its foot – a delicious blend of iridescent purple, lavender, and blue – captures the essence of candy delights. The body and tail boast layers of dyed wood in shades of blue and magenta creating bold, cotton candy stripes whirling down the holder’s length. Enhanced with a silver nickel flange and accents, the unique Jellybean will sweeten your collection.

Wood: Layered “Cotton Candy” wood | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 17.8 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight:  19 grams

Hydrangea Hues Curv-E Holder

27 | Hydrangea Hues | $165 USD

“Hydrangea Hues” is a stunning oblique holder crafted with an acrylic resin blend of turquoise and violet, reminiscent of the varying shades of hydrangea petals. Flecks of stone and subtle iridescence add depth and dimension to the design. Segments of silver and white gracefully transition to the Ambrosia Maple tail, dyed in a rich purple, echoing the lush color palette of the hydrangea bloom.

Wood: Ambrosia Maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 19.2 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 21 grams

Wild Beach Rose Curv-E Holder

26 | Wild Beach Rose| $145 USD

Every rose has its thorn and “Wild Beach Rose” is no exception. Crafted with an acrylic resin foot swirling with shades of deep to light blues, white, silver, and pink, it evokes the serene beauty of the beach at sunset. The body transitions seamlessly into a tail of Birdseye Maple, dyed light rose pink to highlight its exquisite marbling. Unique is its “thorn” – a black knot in the wood, a reminder of nature’s imperfections and the artistry of salvaging beauty from unexpected challenges.

Wood: Birdseye Maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 18.4 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 22 grams

Nimbus Peak Curv-E Holder

18 | Nimbus Peak | $150 USD

The “Nimbus Peak” right-handed oblique holder embodies the majestic beauty of snow-capped mountains against a serene blue sky. The marble-like resin foot is adorned with swirling patterns, evoking the rugged terrain of mountain peaks. Transitioning seamlessly into the tail crafted from ambrosia maple dyed in a tranquil blue, this pen captures the essence of a clear sky above snow-covered landscapes, reflecting the breathtaking vistas of nature’s grandeur. Elevate your writing experience with Nimbus Peak, a tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of the great outdoors.

Wood: Ambrosia Maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 19.2 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 19 g

Verdant Enclave Curv-E Holder

19 | Verdant Enclave | $160 USD

“Verdant Enclave” echos the lush, vibrant hues of tropical coastlines. Its foot, a masterpiece of bespoke Alumilite resin, swirls with a symphony of colors—white, turquoise, blue, silver, green, and gray—evoking the diverse palette of a tropical paradise. Segments of Holly wood and turquoise stabilized Box Elder, each adding its own unique touch to the pen’s visual melody, transition to the tail. Crafted from natural Lignum Vitae, the tail showcases a pale green hue adorned with striations of pale yellow and dark gray, reminiscent of the verdant foliage that lines the world’s tropical shores. A bit heavier than our other pens, with its enchanting colors and graceful form, “Verdant Enclave” transports you to the heart of a tropical jungle, where vibrant foliage meets the turquoise waters of the coast.

Woods: Holly, Box Elder, Lignum Vitae | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 20.4 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 25 g

Sylvan Shadows Curv-E Holder

15 | Sylvan Shadows | $165

“Sylvan Shadows” features a foot made from rich black walnut, capturing the deep, mysterious essence of the forest. The body boasts a swirling resin in shades of dark green, gray, and black, reminiscent of the shadowy depths found within the woodland. Pale basswood segments bookend the resin, offering a striking contrast while the brass flange adds a touch of sophistication to the design. Each curve and bead in the intricate turning of this pen reflects the enchanting beauty of the forest, inviting you to explore its hidden depths with every stroke. With “Sylvan Shadows” in hand, let your creativity wander through the twilight of nature’s embrace.

Wood: Black Walnut | Flange: Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: small | Weight: 19 g

Seabreeze Curv-E Holder

17 | Seabreeze | $160 USD

“Seabreeze” captures the essence of coastal charm and maritime elegance. Crafted with a foot made from bespoke Alumilite resin: a swirl of blue, green, black, gray, silver, and white hues. The body features a segment of deep blue dyed Basswood with nickel silver highlights, seamlessly transitioning into a tail of Cherry wood adorned with a coat of French Blue chalk paint, carefully worn to reveal glimpses of white beneath, evoking a sense of $160antiquity and nostalgia.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of cottages nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, “Seabreeze” exudes strength and durability while embodying the tranquil allure of seaside living with its soothing caress of ocean breezes and the timeless charm of coastal retreats.

Wood: Cherry | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 18.2 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 20 g

Woodland Twilight Curv-E Holder

16 | Woodland Twilight | $150 USD

“Woodland Twilight” evokes the serene beauty of dusk in the forest. Crafted from rich black walnut, this lighter weight pen seamlessly transitions into an enchanting display of swirling hues with its Alumilite resin body, featuring shades of green, turquoise, violet, and blue. The graceful curves of the tail mirror the gentle tranquility of twilight settling over the landscape.

Inspired by evenings spent camping in the deep woods of Maine, surrounded by the rich colors of a forest sunset. It’s a reminder of peaceful moments spent by campfire, listening to the sounds of nature as the day gently fades into night.

Wood: Black Walnut | Flange: Brass | Length: 20 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 16 g

Caribbean Twilight Curve-E Oblique Holder

21 | Caribbean Twilight - Righty | $185 USD

The lefty sister to Caribbean Twilight has already found a new home. This exquisite right-handed nib holder is now available and features a foot made from high pressured cured bespoke Alumilite resin, a stunning blend of swirling blues, teals, purples, and whites, reminiscent of the ever-changing hues of the Caribbean sea as day transitions into twilight. The body is expertly carved from Blue Mahoe wood, native to the tropical regions of Cuba and Jamaica. Known for its unique heartwood, which naturally boasts gray tones with subtle bluish hues, the Blue Mahoe lends an unmistakable touch of Caribbean elegance to this exquisite piece.

Wood: Blue Mahoe | Flange: Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med to large | Weight: 18 grams

Opaline Rhapsody Curv-E Oblique Holder

05 | Opaline Rhapsody | $165 USD

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the Opaline Rhapsody: crafted from bespoke Alumilite resin, the foot of this pen boasts a mesmerizing array of purples, blues, and whites, reminiscent of an opaline sky at twilight. Contrasting this celestial display, the tail of the pen is hewn from luxurious Tulipwood heartwood (from the center of the tree) – its vibrant hues of yellows, reds, oranges, and pinks showcasing a unique variegated pattern. From its smooth contours to its flawless finish, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure a writing instrument that is as delightful to use as it is stunning to behold.

Wood: Tulipwood | Flange: Rose Gold Brass | Length: 17.3 mm | grip: med to large | weight: 20 grams

The Moon's View Curv-E Holder

14 | The Moon's View | $160 USD

“The Moon’s View” evokes the serene beauty of our planet as seen from the lunar’s perspective. This exquisite pen begins with a foot crafted from bespoke Alumilite resin, swirling with mesmerizing shades of dark and light blues, greens, and whites, reminiscent of Earth’s majestic oceans and continents viewed from afar. The graceful tail, delicately turned from Bradford Pear wood, embodies the soft, subtle hues of pale whites and gentle yellows, mirroring the tranquil beauty of our planet’s landscapes. With a silver nib flange and a flawless finish of durable clear coating, this pen radiates both elegance and comfort, inviting the calligrapher to embark on a journey of creativity with each stroke.

Wood: Bradford Pear | Flange: silver nickel | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 17 g


Peach Sunshine Curv-E Holder

24 | Peach Sunshine| $165 USD

Like a juicy peach in sunny July, “Peach Sunshine” is a creamsicle colored nib holder crafted with a foot made from bespoke Alumilite resin swirling in hues of white, peach, yellow, and orange. It transitions seamlessly into a graceful curly maple tail dyed in rich shades of peachy orange; the wood grain revealing layers of swirling colors turned with delicate curves and beads, culminating in a small finial.

Wood: Curly soft maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 18 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 20 grams


Opal Petals Curv-E Holder

29 | Opal Petals | $165 USD

The “Opal Petals” oblique embraces the harmony and balance of opals with the vibrant hues of new spring blooms. This enchanting holder captivates with its ethereal charm, crafted from bespoke Alumilite resin resembling the iridescence of opal, with swirling blends of white, pink, and turquoise. The graceful, sweet tail is sculpted from Ambrosia Maple, dyed a delicate pink with subtle deep highlights. Silver nickel flange accents, paired with silver and white segmenting, add a subtle sparkle to this delicate beauty.

Wood: Ambrosia maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 19 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 18 grams

Dew Drop Dreams Curv-E Holder

30 | Dew Drop Dreams| $165 USD

“Dew Drop Dreams” whispers of the tender bloom of spring, with its delicate swirls of turquoise and soft lilac. The body and tail, fashioned from Ambrosia Maple, are dyed in an antique turquoise hue showcasing the graceful curves and beads. Complemented by a brass flange, this nib holder is a symphony of pastel hues, embodying the tranquility and beauty of a dew-kissed morning.

Wood: Ambrosia Maple | Flange: Brass | Length:19.3 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 19 grams

Apis Reverie Curv-E Holder

25 | Apis Reverie | $175 USD

“Apis Reverie” is named after a nostalgic childhood memory – its foot boasts bespoke golden Alumilite resin with an intricate black honeycomb pattern, reminiscent of the bustling bees in Grammy Jan’s vibrant flower garden. A segment of African Blackwood, flanked by brass, adds a touch of elegance to the transition into the tail, crafted from Ambrosia Maple dyed a deep black. The smooth, glossy finish is achieved through ten layers of hard, clear coating. Apis Reverie is sure to cause a buzz!


Wood: African Blackwood and Ambrosia Maple| Flange: Brass | Length: 18 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 21 grams

Whimsical Waves Curv-E Holder

28 | Whimsical Waves| $150 USD

“Whimsical Waves” oblique mirrors a playful dance of ocean waves under a setting sun. The foot features a delightful blend of magenta, white, and turquoise enhanced with a rose gold brass flange. The tail, crafted from Ambrosia Maple dyed in vibrant magenta with subtle hints of violet, adds a burst of colorful whimsy to the design.

Wood: Curly Maple | Flange: Rose Gold brass | Length: 19.2 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 20 grams

Dogwood Blooms Curv-E Holder

31 | Dogwood Blooms | $15o USD

Inspired by the delicate beauty of springtime blossoms, the “Dogwood Blooms” nib holder exudes a vintage charm. The foot and body feature a beautiful blend of pink and white hues, with subtle pearlescent accents that evoke the soft petals of dogwood flowers. The simple but elegant tail is crafted from Ambrosia Maple dyed in a soft white allowing hints of the wood to peak through. Enhanced with a silver nickel flange and silver body accents. 

Wood: Ambrosia Maple | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 18.7 mm, | Grip: Medium | Weight: 16 grams


Dragon's Tail Curv-E Pen Holder

20 | Dragon's Tail | $175 USD

The foundation of “Dragon’s Tail” is a sturdy African Blackwood foot, a testament to durability and strength, sourced from the heart of Eastern Africa. Rising from this dark, resilient base is a body of bespoke Alumilite resin, swirling with oceanic hues of blues, turquoise, and white. Delicate segments of white and brass adorn the transitions between foot, body, and tail. But it is the tail of this exquisite pen that truly captivates. Carved from durable hard maple, it boasts layers of turquoise and blue dye, meticulously applied to accentuate its graceful curves and pointed finial. Like the sinuous movement of a dragon gliding over a tumultuous sea, the Dragon’s Tail evokes a sense of power, grace, and beauty.

Wood: African Blackwood, Maple | Flange: Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 25 g

Moonstone Curv-E pen

11 | Moonstone | $165 USD

The foot of “Moonstone” is a dazzling display of bespoke, high-pressure-cured Alumilite resin, adorned with unique blends of Eye Candy® mica pigments in shades of teal, blue, green, and opaque white. Like the shimmering glow of moonlight dancing upon the ocean’s surface, this resin creates a captivating spectacle of colors that evoke the tranquility of lunar reflections. Transitioning seamlessly into the body and tail, rich cherry wood provides a grounding contrast to the ethereal resin. Each surface is meticulously coated with a shimmering dark gray wax paste, reminiscent of the moon’s cratered surface against the dark expanse of the night sky. Despite its striking appearance, Moonstone is remarkably lightweight and incredibly comfortable in the hand, allowing the calligrapher to indulge their artistic talents with reduced strain and unparalleled ease.

Wood: Cherry | Flange: silver nickel | Length: 20 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 18 grams

Solar Seafoam Curv-E

09 | Solar Seafoam | $135 USD

The foot of “Solar Seafoam,” is meticulously fashioned from bespoke high-pressure cured Alumilite Resin®, boasting swirling hues of dark and light blue, teal, gray, black, and white, reminiscent of the tumultuous yet captivating seascape. Aptly named for its resemblance to the frothy seafoam dancing upon the waves, this nib holder captures the essence of the ocean’s mysterious allure.

Designed for those who prefer a shorter pen, Solar Seafoam features a compact, shorty-style body and tail made from deep brown walnut, providing a perfect balance of comfort and elegance. With its striking combination of resin and wood, this nib holder is a testament to the beauty and power of nature, inviting you to embark on a creative journey illuminated by the celestial magic of a solar eclipse.

Wood: Black Walnut | Flange: silver nickel | Length: 11 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 15 g

Wreath of Radiance Curv-E pen

10 | Wreath of Radiance | $150 USD

Crafted to reflect the awe-inspiring hues of a total solar eclipse, this exquisite pen is a testament to the wonders of nature. The foot is hewn from vibrant Redheart wood, its rich crimson tones reminiscent of the fiery passion of the sun. Transitioning gracefully, the body reveals the soft, earthy allure of Bradford Pear wood, a gentle reminder of the grounding presence of the Moon as it crosses the Sun’s path. Two sleek aluminum and black segments mark the pen’s ascent, guiding the eye toward the tail, where the deep, mysterious hues of Ziricote wood beckon like shadows cast by the Moon’s passage. With each stroke, Wreath of Radiance channels the ethereal glow of the sun’s corona, capturing the essence of cosmic harmony on a journey through the splendor of the solar eclipse.

Wood: Redheart, Bradford Pear, Ziricote | Flange: brass | Length: 18.5 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 14 g

Seafarer's Muse Curv-E Oblique Holder

06 | Seafarer's Muse | $160 USD

Embark on a maritime journey with the Seafarer’s Muse — paying homage to the ocean’s splendor of our coastal upbringing. The pen begins with a captivating deep blue resin reminiscent of the boundless sea, seamlessly transitioning into a tail meticulously sculpted from lightweight poplar. The tail, dyed in Erica’s favorite color of turquoise, showcases elegant waves and curves that evoke vivid memories of nautical adventures and seaside tranquility. Enhancing both aesthetics and comfort, the Seafarer’s Muse is adorned with a ten-layered, resilient, glossy finish—promising durability and timeless elegance.

Wood: Popular | Flange: Brass | Length: 18.7 mm | Grip: medium | Weight: 14 grams

Solar Spectrum Curv-E pen

12 | Solar Spectrum | $165 USD

“Solar Spectrum,” captures the vibrant hues of our radiant sun and the diverse colors of the world. The high-pressure cured Alumilite resin of the foot showcases a rich tapestry of orange, purple, white, blue, and yellow. Transitioning gracefully, the body features unique detailing of white Holly wood, elegantly bookending turquoise-dyed, stabilized Box Elder. These natural elements harmonize to create a stunning contrast, reminiscent of the ever-changing colors of the sky and sea.

The tail is crafted from kingwood—a wood renowned for its warm, regal tones ranging from light to dark violet-brown, accented by intricate stripes of purple. Designed to inspire creativity and evoke a sense of wonder, the Solar Spectrum pen radiates with warmth, strength, and nobility, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities of your artistic endeavors.

 Woods: Holly & Box Elder | Flange: Rose Gold Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 20 grams

Stargazer's Glimpse Curv-E pen

13 | Star Gazer's Glimpse | $165 USD

“Star Gazer’s Glimpse,” captures the celestial beauty of distant galaxies. Crafted from high-pressure-cured Alumilite resin, the foot of this pen shimmers with iridescent colors reminiscent of star light found in the depths of space. The tail, meticulously crafted from cherry wood, coated and polished with frost white wax, perfectly complements the cosmic hues.

Star Gazer’s Glimpse emanates the ethereal glow of moonlight on a dark night, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world beyond. With its celestial-inspired design, this pen invites you to embark on a journey of creativity and exploration, harnessing the wonder of the cosmos with each stroke.

Wood: Cherry | Flange: Rose Gold Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 17 grams

blue and white oblique holder

01 | January Snow | $160 USD

Step into the tranquil essence of winter’s allure with January Snow, a captivating nib holder inspired by the crystalline shores of Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, Maine on a wintry day. The foot showcases a captivating blend of deep blue and white resin. The cherry wood tail, delicately coated in acrylic white paint, echoes the tranquil blanket of snow that graced the beach and dunes during the remarkable winter days we walked there. Meticulously adorned with ten layers of a resilient, glossy finish, ensuring durability and an enduring charm to accompany you on countless creative journeys.

Wood: Cherry | Flange: Brass | Length: 17.5 mm,  | Grip: medium | Weight: 13 grams

Little Blue Curv-E oblique pen

02 | Little Blue | $135 USD

Meet Little Blue – a charming nib holder designed with a shorter profile for those who revel in a more petite pen. Crafted with meticulous care, this nib holder boasts a foot made of a delightful pearlescent resin, reminiscent of a serene summer sky adorned with fluffy clouds drifting on gentle breezes. The tail, fashioned from lightweight poplar and dyed in a deep azure hue, gracefully complements the tranquil sky of the foot, while its shorter design exudes comfort and ease in hand.

Wood: poplar | Flange: Brass | Length: 13.4 mm | Grip: small | Weight: 11 grams

Emerald Coast Curve_ Oblique Holder

03 | Emerald Coast | $160 USD

Embark on a journey to the sun-soaked shores of the Emerald Coast with this carefully crafted right-handed nib holder. Inspired by a cherished family vacation, this pen encapsulates the joy and tranquility of those sunlit days spent by the beach house. The foot is carved from Ambrosia Maple. The body is a captivating swirl of dark to light blues with gentle white accents, mirroring the azure hues of the Gulf coast of FL. The cherry wood tail, dyed in a deep turquoise, pays homage to the vibrant colors of the Gulf’s coastal treasures. Finished with ten layers of a resilient, hard, glossy finish.

Wood: Ambrosia Maple & Cherry | Flange: Brass | Length: 16.8 mm | Grip: medium | Weight: 12 grams

Moon's Veil Curve-E Holder

08 |Moon's Veil| $150 USD

The bespoke, Alumilite Resin® foot of “Moon’s Veil,” captures a mesmerizing swirl of blues, violets, greens, whites, and hints of peach—a celestial dance mirroring the hues of the galaxy during the awe-inspiring spectacle of a solar eclipse. Transitioning gracefully, the tail of this exquisite pen is fashioned from Goncalo Alves wood – its palette of rich lights and deep reddish browns reminiscent of the subtle interplay of light and shadow as the moon eclipses the sun. Embrace the enchantment of celestial beauty and artistic inspiration with Moon’s Veil, a soon-to-be cherished companion to your creative journey.

Wood: Goncalo Alves | Flange: brass | Length: 18 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 19 g


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