19 | Verdant Enclave Curv-E Holder

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“Verdant Enclave” echos the lush, vibrant hues of tropical coastlines. Its foot, a masterpiece of bespoke Alumilite resin, swirls with a symphony of colors—white, turquoise, blue, silver, green, and gray—evoking the diverse palette of a tropical paradise. Segments of Holly wood and turquoise stabilized Box Elder, each adding its own unique touch to the pen's visual melody, transition to the tail. Crafted from natural Lignum Vitae, the tail showcases a pale green hue adorned with striations of pale yellow and dark gray, reminiscent of the verdant foliage that lines the world's tropical shores. A bit heavier than our other pens, with its enchanting colors and graceful form, "Verdant Enclave" transports you to the heart of a tropical jungle, where vibrant foliage meets the turquoise waters of the coast.

Woods: Holly, Box Elder, Lignum Vitae | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 20.4 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 25 g

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