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There are literally thousands of posts on Flourish answering questions, sharing resources, tutorials, videos, and more. The links below are just a small part of our content but will hopefully direct you to the most frequently asked questions and requests. Don’t forget to search the boards on Flourish for lots more topics, tips, and tutorials.


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What is your Favorite INK?
Favorite WHITE INK?
Favorite MATTE BLACK ink?
COLORED INK suggestions?
How to Mix Gouache (& everything else you wanted to know about gouache but were afraid to ask)

Guidelines & Lightboxes

Favorite Guidelines thread
Writing Straight on Dark Envelopes & Paper
Prasad’s Guidelines of the Masters
Tintenfuch’s Spencerian Guidelines for Reproduction
Recommended LIGHT Box
Light Box or Ruled Paper?

Wax Seals

Favorite Wax Seal Suppliers and How To Info
Which Wax Seals should I use for mailing?
Custom Wax Seal Supplier Recommendations

Gilding & Illuminating


Where are the Copperplate tutorials?

The Flourish Copperplate Tutorials can be found in the Pointed Pen Nirvana board. This board can only be seen when logged in. You must be a member to log in. Membership is free so if you aren’t registered yet, you can do so here.

Salman’s beautiful copperplate tutorials can be found in the Copperplate Tutorials by SMK board.

Copperplate Exemplar & Guidelines

The Flourish Copperplate Exemplar can be downloaded here:
Copperplate Exemplar

Flourish Copperplate Guidelines

Where are the Modern/Contemporary Calligraphy tutorials?
How do I flourish my letters?

You must be logged in to visit the Pointed Pen Nirvana section: Flourish your p’s, d’s, and g’s.

I need LAYOUT and DESIGN help?

Tips & Types

Are there any tips for LEFTIES?

There is an entire board dedicated to Left Handed Calligraphers!

What about BROAD EDGE calligraphy like Italic or Blackletter?

This entire board is dedicated to Broad Edge Pen Calligraphy.

Where can I find info about a local GUILD?

List of calligraphy guilds our members participate in.

What about BRUSH Calligraphy?

This board is dedicated to Brush Calligraphy.


How can I participate in an exchange like I see on Instagram?

After posting one post (about anything) on Flourish, members are eligible to sign up for snail mail exchanges. Flourish posts an annual list of scheduled exchanges each year. Members also participate in unorganized, open-ended exchanges and can find a calligraphy pen pal.

How Do EXCHANGES work?

Favorite Posts

What are the Most POPULAR posts on Flourish?

Calligraphy Rap dis thread
Calligrapher’s Pick-Up lines
You know you’re a Calligrapher when…
Calligraphy Confessions
Calligraphy – Then & Now
Retouching & Editing Lettering
Can’t Miss posts
Show us your WORK STATION

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