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About Flourish Forum

Over the past several years, calligraphy has experienced a huge increase in popularity as social networks widened the group of those intrigued and enamored with letters in all shapes and sizes. Flourish was created as a place solely dedicated to calligraphy and lettering where we, as a community, can come together, communicate, and share all in one place. A place where everyone is a contributor and anyone can post or comment, on an equal field. A place where we can not only ask questions but share with pictures and video. A place where information can be well organized, archived, and searched quickly. Flourish provides a network of experienced calligraphers happy to share their knowledge, skill, resources, tutorials, advice, and experience; as well as beginners looking to learn the foundations of the lettering arts, grow, advance, and flourish.

The Flourish Forum was started by Erica McPhee, lettering & design artist at Paperwhite Studio, in 2013 to share her love of calligraphy and knowledge with anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Erica has 35+ years of experience practicing calligraphy and over 15 years of experience running a calligraphy business.

Calligraphy has passed the tipping point into the mainstream. With new styles, new tools, and thousands of new people showing an interest, the sky is the limit. However, as time goes forward it is important, whatever the style, the legacy of calligraphy exemplifies beautiful, well-made letters. It is the hope Flourish will help others achieve their goals and instill a similar love of letters for a lifetime.

Erica McPhee