15 | Sylvan Shadows Curv-E Holder

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"Sylvan Shadows” features a foot made from rich black walnut, capturing the deep, mysterious essence of the forest. The body boasts a swirling resin in shades of dark green, gray, and black, reminiscent of the shadowy depths found within the woodland. Pale basswood segments bookend the resin, offering a striking contrast while the brass flange adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

Each curve and bead in the intricate turning of this pen reflects the enchanting beauty of the forest, inviting you to explore its hidden depths with every stroke. With "Sylvan Shadows" in hand, let your creativity wander through the twilight of nature's embrace.

Wood: Black Walnut | Flange: Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: small | Weight: 19 g

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