21 | Caribbean Twilight - Righty Curv-E Holder

Carved from exquisite Blue Mahoe wood, the Caribbean Twilight Curv-E is sure to delight
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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite nib holder features a foot made from high pressured cured bespoke Alumilite resin, a stunning blend of swirling blues, teals, purples, and whites, reminiscent of the ever-changing hues of the Caribbean sea as day transitions into twilight.

The body of this nib holder is expertly carved from Blue Mahoe wood, native to the tropical regions of Cuba and Jamaica. Known for its unique heartwood, which naturally boasts gray tones with subtle bluish hues, the Blue Mahoe lends an unmistakable touch of Caribbean elegance to this exquisite piece.

Wood: Blue Mahoe | Flange: Brass | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med to large | Weight: 18 grams

This is a one of a kind, Curv-E oblique pen holder designed by Erica McPhee and handcrafted by Adam McPhee. Please inquire about custom designs.

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