Happy Spring!

A few members have expressed difficulty with finding the tutorials in the forum. The Pointed Pen Nirvana board is only visible if you are registered with the forum and logged in. Once logged in, it is super easy to find and I promise, once you get the hang of forums in general, you will be able to navigate your way around lickity-split!

The nature of forums is linear and categorical but they seem really confusing until you understand how they work. Then they make sense because they really are logically laid out.

If you are at all confused about how to find the board, please take the time to watch this 15 second GIF or video below.

How To Find the Pointed Pen Tutorials!


Once you are finding your way around the forum, I highly suggest reviewing this post, “How Do I Not Miss Anything Good,” which details how to find your way around the forum.

I hope that helps! I don’t want anyone feeling frustrated or left out because they can’t find the tutorials! 🙂