17 | Seabreeze Curv-E Holder

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"Seabreeze" captures the essence of coastal charm and maritime elegance. Crafted with a foot made from bespoke Alumilite resin: a swirl of blue, green, black, gray, silver, and white hues. The body features a segment of deep blue dyed Basswood with nickel silver highlights, seamlessly transitioning into a tail of Cherry wood adorned with a coat of French Blue chalk paint, carefully worn to reveal glimpses of white beneath, evoking a sense of $160antiquity and nostalgia.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of cottages nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, "Seabreeze" exudes strength and durability while embodying the tranquil allure of seaside living with its soothing caress of ocean breezes and the timeless charm of coastal retreats.

Wood: Cherry | Flange: Silver Nickel | Length: 18.2 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 20 g

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