14 | The Moon's View Curv-E Holder

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“The Moon's View" evokes the serene beauty of our planet as seen from the lunar’s perspective. This exquisite pen begins with a foot crafted from bespoke Alumilite resin, swirling with mesmerizing shades of dark and light blues, greens, and whites, reminiscent of Earth's majestic oceans and continents viewed from afar.

The graceful tail, delicately turned from Bradford Pear wood, embodies the soft, subtle hues of pale whites and gentle yellows, mirroring the tranquil beauty of our planet's landscapes. With a silver nib flange and a flawless finish of durable clear coating, this pen radiates both elegance and comfort, inviting the calligrapher to embark on a journey of creativity with each stroke.

Wood: Bradford Pear | Flange: silver nickel | Length: 19 mm | Grip: med | Weight: 17 g

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